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Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Jessa with the mummies

Jessa spent the night with a mummy, sort of.

When the HR department decided to expand they had building ops come in and knock down a few walls. Low and behold - behind the wall was an old exhibit built in the 1800's - complete with mummies and all. Another time I was snooping about in the macabre rooms (creepy, dusty old rooms with cataloged specimins long forgotten...) Among the items I found were a genuine shrunken head, a complete gorilla skeleton, preserved misfigured fetus' in jars, and of course a mummy. An actual human mummy - just chillin' there in the back room behind the childrens play area - covered in a plastic sheet. To think about the history and the story behind this persons life and death and how they came to rest in a musty attic is just beyond my comprehension.
I'd love the chance to explore the "creepy, dusty old rooms" of an old museum. Especially at night.


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