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Monday, February 06, 2006

Behind the scenes at The Scotsman

We've mentioned many times here on The Mystery of the Haunted Vampire that The Scotsman is one of our favorite newspapers. Technology columnist Stewart Kirkpatrick gives a behind-the-scenes look:

Now, of course, that jarred somewhat with the usual tortured wails and abandoned sobbing of the our office. The company's MIGs - Men in Grey, essentially Men in Black without the style - dragged me through the dark brimstone corridors to the IT Dept's Re-education Facility and Spa. Ignoring my pleas for mercy, they hooked me up to machine running an application they called "Cthulhu Inductor 1.0". Mercifully, it being a Windows application, it crashed and I was saved before the tentacles of madness could burrow into my brain to snuff out the sparks of hope there and enforce the company's Rules Of Conduct On Ejaculations In The Work Environment - No, Not That Kind.
I think we all suspected that something unusual was going on at that office.


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