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Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Ginmar on Underworld: Evolution

I liked Underworld: Evolution more than Ginmar, but I have a crush on Kate Beckinsale. Plus I snuck whiskey into the theater. And I still didn't like the movie a lot. From Ginmar's review:

Anyhoo, what follows is another chase, which features stuff I've either forgotten or just didn't give much of a shit about, because it was so pointless. Plot? No, thanks, we've got explosions and more biting than my cats in a bad mood. Every time there's a lull in the plot---and there's a lot of those---somebody is biting somebody else and another mutation occurs. It's all pretty pointless, and just getting my money back won't be enough, frankly. I expected Lucian, Victor, a plot, a pony, and some hint of sexual attraction between the two leading characters. Wehn they do get naked, all I could think was, Wow, so that's what it would look like if two accountants boffed one anotehr cold sober.
Funny stuff. Go read all of it. I confess I thought similar thoughts about where Speedman was positioned to Beckinsale during the "sex" scene. Because it was no where near where anatomy allows for sexual relations between two people. Talk about stretching the imagination.


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