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Saturday, February 04, 2006

Scary music

From Italy's Kronic:

OXYD meets SUMAD : MYSTERIOUS PLACES OF DEAD SOULS (ABM16) 2005 - CD LTD. 545 NUMBERED COPIES IN DELUXE PACKAGE. price : 13,90 € Dark soundscapes of onyric ambient, accompanied by the restless breath of drones and samples overwhelmed with typical scandinavian distressing atmospheres. Mysterious places of dead souls opens gloomy horizons upon dead landscapes where all the shades of grey are reflected into a magma of sombre uneasiness. The ideal soundtrack to open a passage upon new and unknown dimensions. S. BIASIN TRIO : UNTITLED (ABM17) 2005 - CDr LTD. 333 NUMBERED COPIES IN DELUXE PACKAGE. price : 11,90 € Use and abuse of an obsessive electronic music tied to gloomy esoteric invectives for a cathartic sound assault which doesn`t seem to want us for prisoners. The chronicles of the world`s end are commented thorugh the magnifying glass of this historic project of violent-coloured electronic where the occult and sulphureous mark of the friends from Teatro Satanico is well alive. NOSTALGIA : THE HOUSE ON THE BORDERLAND (ABM18) 2005 - CD LTD. 535 NUMBERED COPIES IN A5 DELUXE PACKAGE. price : 13,90 € Based on the fantasy tale (which bears the same title) written by the clever William Hope Hodgson, The House On The Borderland carries symbolically the listener through pages of real terror where it`s told about the gloomy presences infesting an old house. Echoes of Lovecraft`s style for a thrilling soundtrack precariously and perpetually poised between suggestive melancholy and abysmal fear of the unknown.
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