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Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Creating a werewolf

MTV interviews creature costume and mask maker Patrick Tatopoulos of his work on Underworld: Evolution:

Werewolves are created here. And so are vampires, robots, aliens and dozens of other monsters who aspire to haunt your nightmares. When creature designer Patrick Tatopoulos recently finished his work on this month's "Underworld: Evolution," however, he imparted that his experience was less a nightmare and more like a dream — one that had finally come true. "I've watched many movies," grinned Tatopoulos, a T-shirt-clad film veteran. "I saw 'The Howling' many years ago, and I've seen 'An American Werewolf in London.' All those movies have inspired me, and ... I go to the zoo and check out wolves. I think they're really cool, but the day you design, you forget all that and you start from scratch. You take a white piece of paper and you draw something that flows and feels good — you don't worry too much about things that you've seen before. [New ideas] just come into your mind. Once you come up with something interesting, you start sculpting."


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