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Thursday, December 08, 2005

The Werewolf Manuscript

Because I'm a horror pimp:

Cameron Rossin has dropped out of college and returned to Longview, WA, unaware that a vicious predator has moved into his hometown. Isolated and depressed, Cameron encounters unimaginable evils: animals found ripped apart, a mutilated corpse, and evil souls that mirror Cameron's own inner demons and tempt him to give in to his dark side. "I wanted to scare the hell out of the reader while at the same time write a story with substance," said author Clint Romag. "I channeled everything I was feeling at a low point of my life into 'The Werewolf Manuscript,' which deals with isolation, depression, God, relationships, the meaning of life and addiction: problems we all may face at one time or another."
Romag's official site is here.


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