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Saturday, December 17, 2005

Ghost hunting in Maine

From a paranormal investigation report on Maine Supernatural:

We were led through the kitchen to the back room, and staircase, where most of the apparitions had been seen. An older woman, in old fashioned dress and hairstyle had been seen several times at the bottom of the stairs, looking into the adjoining TV room, as if to ask, "what are you doing in my house?" The family cat had also witnessed several apparitions on and about the staircase.... My co-investigator quickly gave me the high sign, agreed upon hand signal, that yes, she could sense a presence and even more then one. My exuberation quickly took hold of my better judgement, and I quickly passed her the digital recorder, and I quickly unpacked and set up my camera. Almost dropping the brand new addition in the process. But in retrospect, the camera did seem to be almost knocked out of my hand. As she evp swept the side room, and closet under the stairs and stairs themselves, I moved to snap some shots of the staircase. When I had turned on the camera, the batteries had been fully charged and shown so on the recorder. After the 4th snapshot, the batteries showed flat, completely depleted. I rushed to replace them, with my second batch of spare batteries and by that time, my co-investigator was showing a reluctance to go upstairs. I was in full court press by then, and could feel we could have a winner, if I could just keep the electronics going. My co-investigator, had to be almost carried upstairs, with me not noticing that she herself was quickly becoming drained, fatigued, life-sucked, whatever you want to call it.
Entire report well worth reading.


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