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Thursday, December 15, 2005

Scotland's supernatural terrors

The Deccan Herald of India takes a spooky tour of Scotland:

Many supernatural creatures dot the Scottish highlands. Some are downright scary while others are absolutely evil. Though we have not heard about many of them but few we have encountered in books. There are said to be similarities between Scottish and Irish supernatural creatures, it could be because they have the same Celtic root. The Red Caps are one of the most dangerous supernatural creatures who haunt the castles and watchtowers of the border regions. Trust me they make you want to run for cover. Red Caps are murderous and kill by rolling boulders or tearing at people with their sharp claws. They then proceed to drink the blood of their victims and dip their hats in the blood which is responsible for their name Red Caps. Ghastly isn’t it?!. In appearance Red Caps are short and wiry, have ragged pointed teeth and sharp claws like steel. They are generally bearded with wrinkled faces, wearing a red bonnet on their heads.


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