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Wednesday, December 28, 2005

The Coylet Inn investigation

Ghost Finders Scotland has the report on The Coylet Inn investigation up. This sounds like one of the team's better locations. The Coylet Inn is a 17th century coaching inn about an hour west of Glasgow. Make sure you check out the team's report of using a communication board. But the most exciting events seemed to happen in bedroom 4.

This bedroom has had several reports of activity in the past, including unexplainable wet footprints that have been seen on the floor. We all got ourselves comfortable and began asking out for some communication. One of our team saw a greenish light outside in the corridor, but unfortunately this was not captured on camera. Several team members reported hearing loud bangs and also what seemed like a mumbled conversation going on nearby. We can verify that no other people were in the building at the time. Using voice recorders, we were able to pick up some responses to the questions we were asking. We captured a voice saying “Make the plan” (click here to listen) and another saying “We’re gonna get you” (click here to listen). We also caught some flashing lights on one our camcorders. We kept an EMF meter switched on during the entire vigil, but no unusual readings were detected and temperature readings remained unchanged. Several light anomalies (click here to view video file) and a bang (click here to view video file, speakers required) were picked up on a locked off camcorder in this area while we investigated another part of the building.
Is it just me or is "We're gonna get you" something you don't want to hear during a paranormal investigation?


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