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Tuesday, December 27, 2005

C&O canal towpath entity?

Leigh of the West Virginia Society of Ghost Hunters took this photo on a recent ghost hunt on the Chesapeake and Ohio Canal towpath. (Look to the right of the image.)

There was no one with me on the towpath when I took this picture. I also have another shot which seems to be an enitity also
The towpath was used by mules to pull the canal boats. It is long disused for canal boats, but is a National Park. The ghost hunt occurred on a wintry night. Here's how the group's founder and president Susan Crites described the event (reprinted with her kind permission):
HI Ben! I thought you might like to see this remarkable photo taken on last night's ghost hunt! It was cooooold and the snow/ice was deep but it was a remarkable hunt! Even our most experienced people were speechless! The short version is that first there was one set of ghostly foot steps crunching in the snow toward a knot of ghost hunters then, two sets, then ten sets, then twenty sets of clearly audible footsteps running at ghost hunters; sound exploding for more than a minute as ghost hunters stood still and, well, speechless and scared. Folks are writing up their experiences and we'll send a compilation to everyone!


Blogger lcduplatt said...

Your picture is spooky, becasue even if it wasn't a ghost...somebody was with you!!!

This will freak you. Check out this website's real ghost pictures...enjoy!
Ghost Pictures

12/29/2005 12:56:00 PM  

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