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Sunday, November 06, 2005

Supernatural voyage

I might ask for a review copy of this one:

BookSurge announces the publication of "Kwatee: The Secret of the USS Kwatee" by R. Allen Downey. From Japan to Norway to Russia, wherever the Kwatee sails, plagues, earthquakes, wars and destruction ransack the earth. What is the deadly secret of this devilish ship? And can the Kwatee be stopped before it destroys again? Those are just some of the questions in R. Allen Downey’s brilliant suspense thriller, "Kwatee: The Secret of the USS Kwatee." Four brave people—a Wiccan priestess, a witch turned agent, a man with second sight, and a voodoo practitioner—band together to try and solve the mystery of the ship and stop its encroaching evil. When they discover a nuclear bomb is aboard ship, it’s up to them to find and dismantle the bomb before it’s too late. But can they get past the ship’s diabolical captain Mr. Swan and his zombie-like crew?


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