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Saturday, November 05, 2005

Ghost Finders Scotland does it again

Once again Ghost Finders Scotland teases us, the gentle readers of ghostly investigative reports, with hints of an upcoming case file of a recent investigation.

New Lanark World Heritage Site 29/10/05 * Report coming Soon Our latest investigation was conducted at New Lanark World Heritage Site. Look out for our report including video footage, EVP files and photographs coming soon.
I've come up with a theory that it's a blatant ploy to drive up hits to their web site by getting people to keep returning to see if the report is posted. It's a shameful tactic, like bloggers who work in phrases like vampire sex or vampire porn or vampire erotica into posts entirely unrelated to the topic at hand just to lure in people searching on google -- even though the site has none of those things. Well, OK, there's a little vampire erotica on the site, but I keep it hidden in the archives. You'll have to search for it.


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