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Sunday, November 06, 2005

King of horror on vacation

From the Indianapolis Star:

CASEY KEY, Fla. -- An eerie, daytime fog rolls in off the Gulf of Mexico, and a tall figure appears out of the dense cloud. The man -- nose buried in a book -- walks with a limp and at a slight tilt away from the road, perhaps to avoid getting hit by our car. "Slow down," my wife requests as we drive closer to him. "I think that's Stephen King." Sure, and there's Cujo emerging from the palms over there. She grabs her camera. We slow to a near stop. The man gazes through the front windshield and makes eye contact. My wife freezes. It's Stephen King. He waves. We wave. We drive on -- without a picture of the man who was the victim of a near-tragic auto accident in 1999, while strolling along the side of the road in Bangor, Maine. The accident left him with a broken right hip, four broken ribs, a right leg shattered in nine places and a damaged spine. This is where the author of "Carrie," "The Shining" and more than 150 other short stories and novels lives.
He's such a nice man for such a scary fellow.


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