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Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Movie news roundup

Several interesting items on Coming Attractions. Yet another videogame-to-movie adaption with Castlevania being made into a pic:

The movie will focus on the origins of Dracula and the uprising of the Belmont Clan, a vampire-slaying family who supposedly become humanity's last hope.
CreatureFeature sounds interesting:
Described as being in the light horror genre, the story centers on Kevin Ackerman, a 13-year-old budding Wes Craven. Together with his crew of small-town friends, he has made dozens of low-budget horror films featuring his monster props. But after he finds and uses a mysterious old camera, the monsters spring to life.
Is it enough for a feature? We'll see. Sounds like a good Twilight Zone episode to me. And zombie king George Romero will direct Stephen King's From a Buick 8.
From a Buick 8 is the story of a state trooper who is killed on the side of the road. The man's colleagues try to help his son cope, but when the boy discovers his father's dark secret in the barracks' back shed, things start to stir not only in the shed but in the hearts and minds of the veteran troopers who surround him.


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