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Monday, November 21, 2005

A fragrance like putrid corpse

I read elsewhere this flower has a fragrance like putrid corpse although many in this story came off a bit underwhelmed. From The Washington Post:

The curiosity that led more than 6,000 people to visit the U.S. Botanic Garden yesterday to inhale what is arguably the world's grossest flower can probably be best understood by those who insist on drinking from the expired carton of milk -- just to be sure it's bad. After 14 years of waiting and about 12 hours of hard labor, the titan arum, or corpse flower as it aptly known in the not-so-green-thumb circles, delivered a very putrid bloom to a very delighted public on the Mall. The smell -- reminiscent of long-dead rat with just a hint of brie -- filled the humid, glass-enclosed garden with intermittent waves of odor that inspired noses to be pinched and, in one case, the appearance of a perfume-spritzed surgical mask.
I've not smelled this flower, but I've smelled plenty of putrid corpses and they tend to have a sickly sweet odor.


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