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Tuesday, November 01, 2005

A Brooklyn horror

I love New York. You want to know why? Where else can you find an entire building of residents to turn their brownstone into a horror scene? From The New York Times:

HOW do you feel about Halloween?" may not be the first question a typical condo board asks prospective buyers. But then again, Janna Kennedy and Randall Hyten are hardly typical. The couple figured it was a reasonable query when they put the top three floors of their newly renovated Clinton Hill, Brooklyn, brownstone on the market three years ago. After all, the residents would be required to endure - if not participate in- an annual Halloween bash that would involve turning the 26-foot-wide, five-story Italianate building into a set resembling the Addams family home. It would include hours of gory skits put on by the couple and their friends, with delighted, if slightly bewildered, trick-or-treaters and their escorts gawking at the goings-on.


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