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Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Sleeping with a ghost

I've slept with worst. Love Tripper has a good list of haunted B&Bs for romantic escapes:

1872 John Denham House, Monticello, FL: Not only is this 130-year-old National Historic Register B&B certifiably haunted, guests can explore another dimension during October Teen and Parent Ghost Hunting Weekends. Attend a seminar and learn hands-on skills for ghost tracking; orbs, and vortexes, in audio, video, photographic and temperature formats. The course taught with the Standards and Protocols of the International Ghost Hunter's Society, official Ghost Tracker Certificates will be presented. The cost is $180.00 (Double Occupancy), and includes two nights and three meals. Info: 850.997.4568. snip 5 Continents B&B, New Orleans, LA:* In a city known for its ghosts, vampires and Voodoo culture, this inn promises not to disappoint guests with its offer to sleep with not only one spirit, but three. This 1890's Greek Revival Mansion has three resident ghosts including a man, said to have been a previous master of the house, a mysterious woman of color in a flowing white dress, and a very unusual part-time spirit in the kitchen area. Info: 800-997-4652. snip Franklin Pearson House, Cowan, TN: The Cowan area is widely known as a "hot spot" for ghost activity due to its rich, colorful history; this old railroad hotel is no exception, and bustles with interesting yet harmless ghost activity. This Halloween, ghosts – including some from the “Old Hotel” -- will be the topic of many stories told around candlelight dinners. Info: 931-962-3223.
Click on the link for the full list.


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