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Friday, October 21, 2005

Spain's most famous haunted house

From The Guardian:

The unique selling point of the whitewashed house, 5 Real Street, in the village of Bélmez de la Moraleda, in the southern province of Jaén - is its kitchen. It was here, 33 years ago, that María Gómez first found the outline of a human face which appeared in the concrete floor. She chipped away at the cement to get rid of it, but soon a cast of a dozen other faces and outlines of whole bodies began to appear. snip The phenomenon became so famous in Spain that queues of visitors formed every weekend. Scientists set about proving that Gómez must have painted the figures. The state-run centre for scientific investigation became involved and the kitchen was closed off under the supervision of a notary. But when it was reopened three months later, the faces were still there. A two-metre trench was dug, revealing bones from a 13th-century graveyard. "The strange thing was that they found bones but no skulls," said Lorenzo Fernandez, the author of a book on the "faces of Bélmez". A more recent theory is that the faces belong to members of Gómez's family who were massacred during Spain's civil war.


Blogger Maggie said...

Hi, I am from Spain and have been hearing about this story for years...

In the early 70's ugly faces appeared on the floor of the kitchen with apparently no cause. Also some paranormal voices were recorded.

The phenomenon seemed to be quiet for some years.

The woman who owned the house died recently, so the house passed on to her heirs who wanted to earn money along with some "parapsychologist" who even wrote book about this case.

It seems now that the book is a fraud.

If you want more info about this, I kindly invite you to write to me:

I also have been on the Land of Count Dracula (Transilvania, Romania).



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