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Friday, October 21, 2005

Mick Jagger's haunted house in France

Mick Jagger's daughter Elizabeth revealed (in more ways than one) more than her Rolling Stone father preferred.

That's not the only revelation Elizabeth made in the interview. She also said there is a headless ghost haunting the Jagger family's holiday home in France. Really. "This is a bit freaky, but when I was three years old I saw the ghost of a woman holding her head when we were on holiday at my dad's home in France," she told Elle Girl. "The house was raided during the French revolution, and all the residents were buried in the garden. My sister Georgia saw the ghost when she was four, and my brother Gabriel keeps talking about her now." The only one who hasn't seen it is brother James, and Elizabeth has an explanation for this anomaly. "I was sitting next to my brother James when I saw her, but he didn't see a thing. We think he's missing that spiritual gene or something."


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