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Sunday, September 11, 2005

The Winchester Mystery House: The Musical!

I can't make this stuff up... The San Jose Repertory just started thwir 25th season with the premiere of a musical about their most famouse local haunted attraction:

No, it's not a shockingly early Halloween-theme party. It's the world premiere of ``The Haunting of Winchester,'' Mary Bracken Phillips and Craig Bohmler's new musical about the South Bay's most infamous monster home, the Winchester Mystery House. The Rep's 25th anniversary season opens with a ghost story jam-packed with nearly as many subplots as the house has fireplaces (47!), from bodice-ripping romance and macabre wit to history and politics. If the musical, like the unlucky visitor who wanders off the Winchester tour, gets lost here and there, you don't need a crystal ball to see that it's a heebie-jeebie crowd-pleaser crammed with tricks and treats for local audiences.
The full review is here (registration required, which you can bypass if you look it up through Google News). More about the Winchester mansion here (official site), and there are plenty of paranormal sites that discuss it as well.


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