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Thursday, September 08, 2005

Reviews of new horror DVD releases

In, of all places, the Moonie Times:

Like the recent Xenon Pictures DVD release, "It Came From Some- where Else," 1982's I Was a Zombie for the F.B.I. beams down as another undeservedly obscure deadpan genre parody/homage salvaged for the digital age. It's our ... DVD pick of the week Adopting an old-school black-and-white six-part serial format, the 1950s-set flick from the archivists at Rykodisc (, $19.95) pits intrepid FBI agents Rex Armstrong and Ace Evans (played by real-life cousins James Raspberry and Larry Raspberry, respectively) against arch-villains the Brazzo Brothers (Laurence Hall and co-screenwriter John Gillick), who form an uneasy alliance with evil aliens out to zombify the American citizenry with the aid of a soft drink called Uni-Cola.
Also briefly covered, from Universal Studios Home Entertainment:
  • The Bela Lugosi Collection, 5 Lugosi classics, including 4 with Boris Karloff
  • The Hammer Horror Series, a 2-disk set of 8 of the British classics
  • The article also briefly mentions 4 spooky 20th Century Fox Home Entertainment releases (incl. the 1962 The Cabinet of Caligari) and 2 similarly-themed Sony Pictures Home Entertainment releases.


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