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Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Almost left for dead

From The Houston Chronicle:

NEW ORLEANS -- This was just another body in the growing number of bodies that they encounter every day. A human foot arching at an odd angle was visible through the front window of a locked and dark home. The National Guard team of searchers was about to call in a "DB" (dead body) at 1927 Lopez St. in the Broadmoor district when Lt. Frederick Fell decided to investigate. In the last few days, the Federal Emergency Management Agency has ordered searchers NOT to break into homes. They are supposed to look in through a window and knock on the door. If no one cries out for help, they are supposed to move on. If they see a body, they are supposed to log the address and move on. The morticians will remove the deceased later. But Fell broke the rules and ordered his men to bash open the door, launching a series of events that would save a man's life and revitalize California Task Force 5 from Orange County, Calif.
So if it wasn't for the courage of this lieutenant in disregarding the rules this man would have died. Let's hope he's not punished. You never know these days. Excellent story worth the click.


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