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Wednesday, August 03, 2005

kindoki: "[T]hey could tell... [because] God showed them"

From the BBC, a tragic combination of circumstances in the Democratic Republic of Congo is leading children to be accused of "kindoki" - witchcraft:

The image of pre-pubescent boys with machine-guns striding into Kinshasa is etched onto people's memories. They call them the "Kadogos", which very roughly translates as, the "little ones". Add to that an explosion of evangelical Christian churches which advocate muscular - sometimes violent - exorcism, and you have a gigantic exercise in social cleansing. And often it is the children who become the scapegoats for all society's ills. [...] Again and again, I asked pastors how they could tell that a child was a witch. The answer was almost always that God showed them.
The original broadcast is available as a podcast (MP3 format) and can be downloaded here.


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