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Thursday, July 28, 2005

The gentle side of Transylvania

From the Prague (Czech Republic) Post:

We headed out early, following a steep cow path to a high meadow dotted with mushrooms, white ones big as saucers and pink and yellow beauties like flowers. The meadow and the broad sky framed by distant mountains tempted one to doze in the mellow autumn sun. Our destination was the village of Bran, the site of a Transylvanian castle infamously connected with the Dracula legend. Making our way along the wide crest of the ridge, we stopped to pass the time with a lone old woman. She wore a black kerchief and her skin had weathered to a rich chestnut hue. Sitting on a rock knitting, minding a quartet of cows, she responded with a happy, gap-toothed grin to our guide's hello in Romanian.
The gentle side is just a trap to make you Dracula's prey...bwhahahaha. Actually it's a really good travel article and makes me want to pack up the kit and fly off to Transylvania tonight.


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