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Friday, June 03, 2005

Vampire symposium in Canada

Paging Professor Miller. Professor Elizabeth Miller to the white courtesy phone please. From Macleans:

Vampires, it seems, like to keep a low profile. So much so that I couldn't persuade anyone claiming to be an actual representative of the bloodsucking undead to agree to an interview for this article -- despite numerous invitations posted on websites, requests to a handful of experts in the field, and visits to the Goth stores and clubs you'd expect vampires to patronize. The best I can offer is a few quotes lifted from the Scottish Goth magazine Bite Me, and letters and emails written to a Dracula expert by self-proclaimed vampires. The media, I guess, have given these creatures of the night a bad rap. We trot them out as fodder for Halloween stories or, more hurtfully, implicate all the Count's followers when a few psychopathic types carry out gruesome crimes. In fact, I'm told the vast majority are harmless.

This week, a Toronto conference will shed light on the true nature of the so-called kindred. North American vampirologists, academics, fans and, who knows, maybe a vampire or two, will attend the first ever Weekend with Dracula organized by the Canadian chapter of the Transylvanian Society of Dracula. The Saturday afternoon panel, Vampires Among Us?, will explore what attracts people to the vampire lifestyle, the degree to which their unusual passion constitutes a public hazard, and other such conundrums. "Why not assess the vampire scene from within?" asks conference organizer and internationally renowned Dracula expert Elizabeth Miller. "It's been assessed from without often enough."

Never mind the courtesy phone. She's already there. I don't remember her posting anything about this on Dracula Blogged (it's really cool that she's posting there with us ordinary fans of the novel even if we don't always see evil eye to eye).


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