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Wednesday, June 01, 2005

Report of an investigation at an old dark house

From an email sent by Susan Crites of the West Virginia Society of Ghost Hunters (reprinted by her kind permission -- click on the link for the entire post):


By Susan Crites

Paranormal Investigation on May 28, 2005

The house is located in a community known for its supernatural energy; haunted houses, weird glowing lights in wooded areas, strange activity near abandoned, unmarked graves and more. Photos of the area often show huge masses of bright red miasma flowing over the local roads and out of the woods. One of our Paranormal Experts actually lives in the community and has spent years tracking the weird events that happen there.

The property owner described unusual activity in his home; something that seemed to levitate items out of his medicine cabinet, and strange shadows darting from room to room. He wasn't sure if this activity was supernatural but he thought it might be.

What was intriguing to the WV Society of Ghost Hunters about this house was the description of the supernatural levitation of objects from the medicine cabinet. First, the ghost levitated the cough syrup out of the cabinet then drew images with it on the bath floor. In the next episode of levitation, the ghost removed everything from the cabinet and dumped it all over the floor, trashing the bathroom.

We've run into this sort of thing before. A ghost with enoughpower and focus to levitate is rare. A ghost who levitates and destroys things is the rarest of all. In one case we investigated, the ghost progressed from minor destruction of in expensive kitchen glasses over a six month period of time, to twisting the chrome "J" pipe under a bathroomsink causing a flood while the homeowners were on vacation. The poor family returned to seven inches of water standing in the bottom floor of their home! Their insurance adjusters couldn't find atool mark on the chrome pipe and knew that human hands weren't strong enough to twist the sturdy pipe. They looked for signs of breaking and entering and found none. The even checked to be sure that the family was, indeed, out of state when the damage happened! They reluctantly left the cause of the flood "open," unable tofind a cause for the pipe damage.

In another case, minor instances of unexplained damage were followed by a major house fire. It was caused by the spontaneous explosion of a blender on a kitchen counter which had its cord neatly wrapped around the base, not plugged into a wall socket! This time many insurance adjusters, fire inspectors and other experts investigated for weeks only to leave this case open, too!One thing we have learned over the years is that when a ghost begins to destroy things in a home, however minor, it will always escalate! Supernatural acts that cause minor irritation always become a major threat to the property or its occupants. In every case of minor "destruction by unknown forces," we urge occupants of the property to be careful… very, very careful. Sometimes they listen. In the two cases I've cited, the homeowners rejected our suggestion that the minor destruction was supernatural in origin and would escalate.

Our Paranormal Investigation of this house was almost predictable, but I was still amazed to watch it unfold! Among the first photos taken by Paranormal Investigators were red orbs mixed with grays, small patches of red miasma in the back yard and orange miasma flowing out of the ventilation system inside the house. These were sure signs that "dark" energy was active in the home. Strange things began to happen that interfered significantly with our Investigation; key equipment failed or was "missing," the property owner's infant child got sick the instant we were tobegin the "lights-out" phase of the investigation, an older memberof the property owner's family began to talk at the top of his lungs and crash around as we began the "no-sound" phase of ourinvestigation, ghost hunters dropped equipment, became lethargic, felt disabling nausea or pains or became argumentative and cranky. This was clearly the work of dark energy trying to prevent our Investigation! When this supernatural manipulation of humans and their equipment failed, the dark ghost became more direct. "Get out," echoed menacingly through the clear air and over the walkies several times, and rocks flew at the Investigators. The Paranormal Investigation had become both disquieting and dangerous! Long experience has taught us to leave the site when these kinds of things occur because someone is bound to get hurt!

The stories of ominous ghosts in the community could be folklore. All the small things that happened to interfere with the Investigation could be explained in some rational way. All the photos of dark energy could be of relatively harmless energy. A voice snarling, "Get Out," could have been a practical joker, but, when taken together, it all forms a menacing pattern so familiar to experienced Paranormal Investigators. Dark and dangerous supernatural energy permeated this site.

As we drove away from this property, we all felt that we had not completed our work. The ghost hadn't shown himself and hadn't levitated anything in our presence. It's hard to accept but we know that dark energy "wants" us to leave with such feelings of frustration and fear that we won't return. That leaves him free to escalate and terrorize the occupants of the haunted house. Unfortunately, there will be another installment to the story of this house. We can't know when or what will happen, but that powerful, dark ghost isn't about to stop.

I signed up for the paranormal investigator's course on June 10. I'm sure I'll find it terrifying a lot of fun!


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