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Tuesday, May 31, 2005

Haunted by Granny

The Mirror of London has the story of a family haunted by Granny:

The 58-year-old - Sue's mum - says: "The first thing was the sheets moving as I lay in bed. I sensed my mum and felt the blankets moving around me. It was like she was tucking me in just like she used to." When Joe, 75, died in 1997, the problems got worse. "After the funeral, the boxes of his old stuff would move about," says Sandra. "I'd make a point of putting, say, a pension book on the table and walking out of the room. Each time it moved." Next she heard footsteps at night. Then the coughing started. "It scared me so much that I wouldn't go to bed," she recalls.
My grandmother is probably haunting the Bingo Hall.


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