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Tuesday, May 31, 2005

'Bewitched' statue Part Deux

I've blogged this already. Go read this post to read my thoughts. Here's the latest story, this one from the L.A. Times:

When the city's design review board approved the project this month, many in town were relieved. "It's probably going to be the best-looking statue in town," said Megan Kalgren, 20. Scooping herbs into little plastic bags to sell for "spell kits" at her mother's witch supply store, Kalgren said she had attended meetings about the statue and thought the opposition was ridiculous. "A bunch of people were complaining, but I'm like, 'It's a statue, it's cute, get over it,' " Kalgren said. A customer in Kalgren's store, Natasha Rooney of Rochester, N.H., said she was a witch and saw nothing offensive about honoring the television version. "I think it's cool," said Rooney, 16. "Salem is all about history, and even though the statue that is going up may not be historical, it fits right in with the town." Salem Mayor Stanley J. Usovicz Jr. agreed: "Despite the unfortunate events in 1692," he said, "I think — and many people here also think — that popular culture and contemporary art in a historic city makes a great deal of sense."
Makes sense to me.


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