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Sunday, May 15, 2005

Scottish ghost hunters to the rescue

From the Glasgow (Scotland) Daily Record:

SCOTLAND'S only squad of ghostbusters have notched up their first success after scaring away spectres that were terrorising a young family. The 11-strong squad of paranormal investigators answered the distressed plea from a mum and child who were frightened by voices and moving objects at their home in Paisley. The team - including psychic medium Scott Williams - used motion sensors and infra-red cameras to find out what was going bump in the night. Team manager Mark Turner, 30, said: 'They had a spirit in their house and were desperate for us to help them. 'There was a young child involved, who was incredibly upset, so we decided to get involved immediately. With our equipment, we managed to locate the spirits and our psychic medium even managed to contact and speak to the spirits. 'The readings we were picking up on our equipment at the time were extremely high'Our psychic ordered them to leave, as they were terrifying the family. Since then, we have kept monitoring the situation, and the activity has scaled down significantly. 'The outcome is that the mother and child feel the atmosphere has changed. 'I'm delighted because it's the first time we have done something like that.'
And I'm delighted that the ghost hunters were able to help. (Warning: the newspaper's web site is a hideously bright red. Do not read if you suffer from migraine headaches triggered by bright colors or are currently hung over.) The link to the Scottish organization is on my sidebar.


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