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Thursday, May 19, 2005

Pimping Virginia ghosts

This weekend's camp out at Antietam National Battlefield by the West Virginia Society of Ghost Hunters has been rescheduled to a tour of a haunted plane crash site near Berryville, Va. From midnight diva's email:

"ONLY ONE BODY WAS LEFT INTACT" HAUNTED PLANE CRASH SITE Paranormal Investigation Saturday, May 21, 2005 Experienced Paranormal Investigators know that violent death often produces confused and frightened ghosts. They know that concentrations of violent death can produce a place that literally vibrates with supernatural energy. More than 30 years ago, a passenger aircraft crashed killing more than 90 people. Many of their spirits still wander the crash site crying, "Help me!" This Saturday night, we will conduct a Paranormal Investigation of this remarkable place. Our Psychic Team will attempt to make "Contact", the supernatural energy will be stirred up, and ANYTHING can happen. And, it probably will! This will be a major Adrenaline Rush! When we leave the crash site, we will spend an hour or so in one of the most famous Haunted Cemeteries in the area! The minute you step into this place, you can feel the supernatural energy! We've all heard the stories of encounters with ghosts in this place! Supernatural energy pulsates through this cemetery and we are going to find it! Don't miss this one; change your plans, get a babysitter, divorce your spouse, quit your job, check out of the hospital. You'll never forget this incredible Paranormal Investigation! A SPINE-CHILLING EVENT! Saturday Night May 21, 2005 No Later than 8:30 PM Meet us at the Sheetz on Route 7, off of the Berryville Exit on I-81 At the top of the exit, go toward Berryville, away from Winchester The Sheetz is about a mile from the exit. There is only on Sheetz on the road. $25 per person All proceeds benefit the work of the WV Society of Ghost Hunters RESERVATIONS, PLEASE! CARPOOLS AVAILABLE To read about the crash of TWA Flight 514 go to this link.
I'd be there with them, but, uh, it sounds too spooky I've got to mow my lawn that night.


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