The Mystery of the Haunted Vampire

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Thursday, May 19, 2005

Ghostly tales from haunted old England


However, the my next job was in a home for the physically disabled and was in an old house in Arrowe Park, Upton. This home had once belonged to a member of the Hellfire club and the huge furnishings that once occupied the home now are kept in the Birkenhead museum. The carved wood fireplaces and various pieces are covered with imps, demons and fairyfolk. When the house was being refurbished , the builders found a pentagram on the floor of the hallway. It measured about 20 foot on diameter. Anyway, there is a spiral staircase that the care assistants use to leave their belongings and no-one would change alone as it was rumoured that there was a ghost there. I never felt anything untoward there, but in another part of the building I did see a little girl pass by the doorway of one of the rooms and when I poked my head out through the door there was nobody there. It was a long empty corridor. All the rooms off it had to be unlocked with keys and used only for storage.
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