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Friday, May 27, 2005

Haunted Times editor gives ghost talk

From the Mount Pleasant (Iowa) News:

Moon said he has had contact with spirits since he was seven years old. For several months he saw a boy standing at the end of his bed. He said he was glad when his family moved, but his new house had more paranormal experiences than the previous one.

Moon focused on two pieces of paranormal evidence during the hunt. The first was using photographs to look for ghosts. Moon recommended a digital camera with 3.2 mega pixels or less. The digital gives the opportunity for ghost hunters to see the image they have captured immediately rather than have to get film developed that may be touched up. Moon took the group to the Bentonsport Cemetery where everyone with a digital camera captured orbs. According to Moon, an orb is a spirit. Most spirits, he says do not take human shape because it requires a large amount of energy. The only way to get the energy is by taking it from the living, or from electrical devices

Several people on the tour experienced camera malfunctions or cell phone batteries going dead after being fully charged when arriving at the inn.


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