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Sunday, May 29, 2005

Haunted shop frightens customers

Maybe this shop should have a "ghostly white sale" instead of a "white sale." From the BBC:

Staff and customers at a lighting shop in North East Lincolnshire have been turning a whiter shade of pale after a spate of ghostly goings-on. Lights drop from the ceiling, shades are thrown, doors open and slam, and footsteps echo throughout Beagles Lighting on Cleethorpe Road, Grimsby. Paranormal investigators, who were called in by shop owner Fiona Glover, have declared the shop haunted.
Yes, I know a white sale refers to sheets and other linens and this is a lighting shop. But who hasn't worn a white sheet as their costume to be a ghost for Halloween? So go read the entire story. It's got great details.


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