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Saturday, May 21, 2005

Astronaut investigates inexplicable

I only have a bachelor's degree and I'm amazed by the mysteries of the universe. Apollo 14 astronaut Edgar Mitchell has a PhD in aeronautics and astronautics from MIT. And he also believes in the reality of anomilies. From the Gainesville (Fla.) Sun:

His interest in the unexplainable began on his way back to Earth aboard Apollo 14. He gazed out the window and realized he was connected to the stars, his colleagues and the planet through his own molecules, he said. "You could see the Earth, the moon and the stars with each rotation of the spacecraft," Mitchell said. "The stars were literally brighter for me. It was an awesome, awe-inspiring view of the heavens." He could not find scientific literature on his experience, and he had to delve into Sanskrit literature to define his personal moment, inspiring him to begin scientific research on unexplainable occurrences. Further incidents spiked his interest in topics that traditional science labeled as hoaxes. Mitchell said a telepathic partner "teleported" tie pins from a jewelry box Mitchell had lost years before, and a Tibetan healer cured his mother's glaucoma. As a scientist, he had a hard time believing it, he said, but he could not deny it either. "I was used to looking at science in theory and in abstract, not in what I was experiencing personally," he said.


Blogger cookie jill said...

Talk about "inexplicable!",-117.735758&spn=0.0,0.0&t=k&hl=en,-80.074496&spn=0.0,0.0&t=k


5/22/2005 04:06:00 PM  
Anonymous Carnacki said...

Cookie Jill,
What do you think they are?

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