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Saturday, March 05, 2005

Sunken village reappears

In Portugal, a village drowned when a dam was built has reappeared due to a drought lowering water levels:

Visitors from across Portugal, including former residents of the village of Vilarinho das Furnas, located some 400 kilometres (240 miles) northeast of Lisbon, have travelled to the locality to walk through its streets which have been under water since 1970.

The roofs of the dozens of homes which housed 52 families in the village are missing but the stone walls are for the most part still standing.

Residents of the village, who received state compensation to leave their homes, formed an association in 1985 which has set up a small museum charged with keeping memories of village life alive.

I've always found "lost places" fascinating. This sounds like an ideal situation for a horror or mystery story.


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