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Sunday, February 27, 2005

Indians hold a ghost fair

The BBC reports on a ghost fair in an Indian village drawing thousands of people haunted by ghosts to meet with witch doctors and other practioners intent on driving away the evil spirits.

Rukmani, 21, is a coy and demure Indian village girl, but her parents are convinced that she is haunted by ghosts.

"She speaks in a strange language. She speaks of people we don't know. She screams and faints," says her farm worker father.

So they have made a journey from their village in western Maharashtra state to an ancient fair of ghost busters in Malajpur in central Madhya Pradesh to rid their daughter of the ghost.

Rukmani and her parents have joined thousands of "haunted" people from all over India at this month-long ghost busters fair where witchdoctors congregate and exorcise spirits.


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