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Sunday, March 27, 2005

News from the Underworld set

I thought the first Underworld movie had a great look and feel to it, particularly Kate Beckinsale playing a vampire battling werewolves. But the plot could have been concocted by young roleplayers on a Saturday night. Despite that, I'll probably see the sequel, Underworld: Evolution, and hope for the best. MTV has a story from the set:

At the end of the original film, Beckinsale's Selene and love interest Scott Speedman's half-Lycan/half-Dealer Michael saved the day only to unleash a greater threat as the blood of both armies poured into the grave of Marcus, a sleeping vampire whom fans expect to awaken as a hybrid.

"Marcus is the big ... yeah," Wiseman says, acknowledging the villain of the sequel while trying not to give too much away. "You get to see what the relationship between [first-film villain] Viktor (Bill Nighy) and Marcus (Tony Curran) is, and what had gone on between them before we kick into the modern times of seeing Marcus again." Although most of "Evolution" is set in the present day, the film will flash back to two important moments in the timeline: one, a medieval sequence, explains the relationship between the main baddies; the other reenacts the first-bite story that Selene recounted in the first film.

"The medieval village, I'm actually not in at all," says Beckinsale. "That was all before I became a vampire. So that's sort of Bill Nighy and Tony Curran on horses and armor and all that stuff."


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