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Friday, March 25, 2005

College student ghosthunters search bar

If you're going to haunt any place, a bar is as good as any. The Penn State's The Digital Collegian carries the story.

Sometimes when Duke Gastiger is alone in his bar, the All American Rathskeller, he feels a presence.

"It's never been a feeling of evil or goodness," Gastiger said. "It's just a feeling like someone or something else is there."

Last night, 14 members of the Penn State Paranormal Research Society (PRS) conducted an investigation at the Rathskeller, 108 S. Pugh St., searching for what they called "abnormal activity."

Paranormal Research Society President Ryan Buell said he thinks the bar has a certain "negative energy," but that does not mean there is something demonic or evil haunting the bar.

I spent a lot of time in bars while a college student too searching for "unusual activity." Or maybe I was causing the unusual activity? I don't remember.


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