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Wednesday, March 23, 2005

Satan interviewed! (parody)

Jazzmaniac got to sit for an exclusive interview with Satan.

JM: So you're afraid you're going to run out of room? Satan: No, not at all. Space is nearly infinite down here. Hell is just a vast, ugly plane. Sort of like that Airbus they rolled out a few weeks ago. Hey, I just made that up! Write it down! JM: Got it. Satan: Like I said, it's thinking up the special places, and then getting them built. I'm intimately involved in every aspect no matter how small. You know, The Devil is in the details. We're way behind schedule. My contractor's bleeding me dry with shoddy work and cost overruns. I'd fire them if I could, but we've only got one contractor down here: Helliburton.


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