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Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Spaniards survive night in Dracula's castle

Sounds like the beginning of a good Hammer horror film. From Think Spain:

Rumanian police have fined four young Spaniards and a Rumanian for breaking into one of Count Dracula's castles to spend the night there. At around 1am yesterday morning, a police patrol from Brasov was alerted by security guards at Bran Museum that "a group of people had gained illegal entrance" to the castle. The five youngsters, who said that they were seeking "strong sensations," explained to police that they were on holiday, that they did not have much time, and that they wanted to see the castle at night. The castle, which is located near Brasov in the centre of Rumania, was built by knights of the Teutonic order at the start of the 12th century and was used during the Middle Ages to defend the trade route between Valaquia and Transylvania. The current heir to the property, a 67 year old engineer who now lives in the USA, grew up in the castle, which was used by the Prince of Valaquia, Vlad the Impaler, who is strongly linked to Dracula mythology, during the middle of the 14th century.
Is "good Hammer horror film" redundant?


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