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Thursday, April 13, 2006

Ghost hunting class in Salt Lake City

From the Salt Lake Tribune:

The Forever Bronze Tanning Salon is a cheery white-stucco building with hardwood floors, potted plants and overflowing magazine racks. Business is brisk, but eight women in the basement aren't here to work on that perfect glow. In fact, what they're looking for is more likely to turn them pale. Welcome to Ghost Hunting 101, a five-week course that covers the nuts and bolts of seeking out spirits. For $45, students learn ghost-hunting basics, including the typical types of entities (poltergeist, intelligent and residual) and the necessary equipment (flashlight, notebook, tape recorder and 35 mm camera), and they attend four field trips to haunted locations along the Wasatch Front. The class also provides plenty of opportunities for students to share their own encounters with the paranormal. "In my house, I often smell a scent of heavy men's cologne when no one is around," one woman said.
Long article, but well worth reading. Lots of fun details. Come on, a ghost hunting course in a Salt Lake City tanning salon basement? It doesn't get better than this.


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