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Sunday, March 12, 2006

Texarkana ghost hunters investigate old dark house

Long and well-done feature in the Texarkana Gazette on a ghost hunting group:

Whitlatch and Faulknor chose to examine the back bedroom closet because a number of Texarkana paranormal investigators, including the psychics, said they felt a strong presence in that particular area. Whitlatch said the investigators entered the house at separate times to avoid contaminating each other’s initial impressions of the site. He said they conferred outside of the house after each of them had an opportunity to explore the site. “I felt short of breath when I walked through the door. Kevin (Christi’s husband) said he felt it, too,” Whitlatch said. Christi Faulknor said, “I wanted to run and hide in the closet.” The bedroom closet happened to be the location where Whitlatch and Faulknor would later focus their investigation for paranormal activity. Whitlatch asked any paranormal presence near the closet to please communicate with him and requested he be given a name. After a brief pause, Faulknor introduced herself as John Mitchell. Whitlatch asked “John” what year it was. Faulknor answered by saying it was 1871. According to Faulknor, Mitchell was a sharecropper who worked the farm and raised a family. Faulknor said Mitchell had a wife named Sarah and a son named Johnny. Faulknor later sounded surprised when Whitlatch informed her that she spoke using the first person narrative when answering questions as Mitchell. “I do not like to do a lot of channeling,” she said. “I really don’t care to do that. It kind of is a violation of a body.”


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