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Sunday, March 05, 2006

Ghost Finders Scotland investigates inn

Good article on supernatural investigation team Ghost Finders Scotland and their investigation at the Abbey Inn in The Northern Scot:

REGULARS at one of Moray's oldest pubs are just dying to give you a warm welcome. There's little Christina and her brother David, an elderly woman called Irene and a mysterious bloke who goes by the name of Edward. You might not be lucky enough to see them if you pay a visit to the ancient Abbey Inn at Kinloss, but this very spirited bunch will certainly make their presence known and grab your attention in the most peculiar ways. Christina and David love to cause a chilly draft by running around the building, and the mischievous pair also enjoy moving objects and hiding them. Irene likes to grab hold of people by the arm, while Edward will whisper in your ear. All of them, however, have a favourite way to welcome guests. They make their presence known and, just as they are about to be spotted, vanish so they become nothing more than a dark figure seen out the corner of an eye.
The team has yet to put their report online.


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