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Sunday, February 19, 2006

New Orleans cemeteries ready for the living

From The Providence Journal:

New Orleans is alive and kicking, and it wants you back. Needs you back. Pre-hurricane, New Orleans hosted nearly 10 million tourists per year; in 2006, no one is hazarding a guess. Tours by Isabelle once escorted 1,000 visitors per month; now it sees about 100. snip If you show up, the city will show you one terrific time. Since New Year's, the weekend partiers are trickling back. The French Quarter looks pretty much as it did pre-Katrina, with its leafy gardens, curling iron balconies, gaudy bars and obnoxious T-shirt shops. Museums in the Warehouse District -- dedicated to Southern art, the Confederacy, D-Day and contemporary art -- have reopened. Historic cemeteries made famous by voodoo queen Marie Laveau and author Anne Rice's vampires are open for visits.


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