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Thursday, February 23, 2006

'It's like the X-Files'

From The Guardian:

Modern motor cars rattle with fear when they take the winding coast road from Mundesley past RAF Trimingham to Cromer. Engines have stalled. Fuseboards and microchips have fried. Speedometers have roared up to 150mph or down to 0. Dashboards have gone black. Clocks have conked out. Down at the local garage, they have a technical term for it. "It's like the X-Files isn't it?" said mechanic Kevin Abbs. Mr Abbs has been a busy man in recent days after a spate of mysterious breakdowns outside a radar station on the north Norfolk coast. Housed inside a giant white golf ball-like structure, the radar station looks as forbidding as the North Sea churning brown below. "A micro-wave radiation hazard exists beyond this point," warns a danger sign on a barbed wire fence. Its purpose veiled by the Official Secrets Act, something has quietly whirred here since 1941, when the station provided early warning against a Nazi attack. For decades it watched for the Red Menace in the east.


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