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Sunday, January 01, 2006


Cinematical previews upcoming vampire flick Ultraviolet:

Except when Uwe Boll is directing them, I'm not convinced there's such thing as a bad vampire movie. Coming soon to test that principle is Ultraviolet, a Kurt Wimmer-directed actioner that, unfortunately, has nothing to do with the British vampire series of the same name. Wimmer's film, which stars the ever-delectable Milla Jovovich, is set in a future where the rules have changed for vampires. also previewed:
I've never in my life seen such an amazing movie that sucks so bad! But let me say there is A LOT of work to be done in Sony Screen Gems' 'Ultraviolet,' which stars the ultra hip and sexy Milla Jovovich. The FX work wasn't even 50% done and the movies running time was nearly two hours. There were tons of audio glitches and color imperfections- to be fair this review cannot and will not be rated (ok Mr. D?). In 'Ultraviolet,' Milla Jovovich plays Violet, a Nurse turned Vampire during a freak accident where she gets blood in her eyes from a vampire. snip So how can it suck so bad and yet be amazing? This movie has by far the best action sequences I've seen in years- some far superior to the second and third 'Matrix' films. Violet has a special wristband that can condense weapons and like in Desperado she can have them fully armed and in her hand in seconds and can chance them at will. She goes through hundreds of guns, swords and knives and unloads every single bullet. The choreography is phenomenal as the camera shows everything going on! There is no jittery quick cuts that make you squint and say, "What’s going on!" You see everything and everything you see kicks ass! The gun fights are mind blowing; I wanted to scream in ecstasy after each scene. The sword fights are impressive, especially the final battle that takes place in the dark with their swords on fire! Very cool indeed!
More details on what doesn't work in the story. It probably doesn't matter. I'll probably be there like a moth drawn to flame. Sigh.


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