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Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Pretty Scary

This one is for the ladies: Pretty/Scary.

Pretty/Scary was created to provide women in the horror world a place where they could build a community of like-minded individuals. We got sick of watching women get treated like meat on other sites and magazines in order to promote their projects. Now there is a place they can go to be taken seriously, while celebrating the fact that they are hot, funny, and covered in blood. Pretty/Scary is open to horror fans, authors, filmmakers, actresses, webmasters, any woman involved in horror in any way, and even men. It's a site about celebrating the feminine while acknowledging the dreadful power women possess to frighten. We embrace the darkness, the fear and the female of women in horror. Pretty/Scary is the first website of its kind, by women of horror, for women of horror, but also by and for the men who love women in horror. We think men are wonderful, creative, and frightful beings, and we welcome their participation and contributions. We celebrate women because the genre is overwhelmingly male, and we simply want to give women the recognition they deserve. Our "Scary Studs" section is our way of celebrating men gifted with attractive physical attributes, the way men have long admired women for their beauty. Our Scary Studs may not always fit the stereotypical male model, Adonis physique, but we choose men whom we find please our eyes.


Anonymous harmonyfb said...

Nice idea, but their web design leaves much to be desired. Blue text on a black background? Completely unreadable.

1/11/2006 10:31:00 PM  

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