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Wednesday, November 16, 2005

A Moving Speech Honoring the Fallen

P.H. Martin, Esq. is a wonderful photographer. He was the one who snapped the photo of the little kitty in the cemetary. (Which, I neglected to acknowledge on our "Happy Vampire Friday Kitty Blogging - Veterans's Day edition" post. Mea culpa.) He also has a law practice in the grand State of Louisiana, following in the footsteps of 4 of 5 other P.H. Martin, Esquires! So, if you are in "Sportsman's Paradise" and need an attorney, look Mr. Martin up. He has posted on his website, an amazing speech his great-grandfather, a veteran of "the World War", gave in 1921, accompanyied by a lovely yet haunting photo. Please take the time to stop by and read the speech. It is truly moving.


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