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Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Ghost of the shopping gallery

From the Long Beach (Calif.) Beachcomber:

Shoppers and employees alike have been mystified by the ghost of Z Gallerie. Some write it off as overactive imaginations or inventive practical jokes, but ask the employees and most of them will have at least one unexplainable occurrence that happened to them. “I came in one morning and the lamps that were sitting on a table the night before were turned upside down and placed on the floor very methodically,” says Greta Tice, associate manager of three years. Could someone have come in the night before to play a trick? Perhaps, but that doesn’t explain how pillows can fly off shelves in front of employees and shoppers. “I was with a customer one day when pillows jumped off the shelf. The customer was startled and left the store,” says salesperson Paul Finley who has had many run-ins with something he can’t explain. “One time I was up on the third floor when I heard a child’s voice saying, “Let me out!” What sounded like a small child banging on a door turned out to be nothing as Paul opened it. With that incident and some others, many employees refrain from going up there, especially at night.


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