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Monday, October 03, 2005

The story of the 'Egyptian Bone'

Courtesy of The Scotsman's OddBlog, wherein the editors dig into the archives of The Scotsman for their "best-of-the-strangest" stories, we have a tale of an aristocratic family haunted by an impulsive act: picking up a bone shard whilst visiting a newly-opened ancient Egyptian tomb:

Upon returning to Edinburgh, Zeyla [Seton] produced the "somewhat grotesque relic" and Sir Alexander [Hay Seton] placed it under a small glass case in the drawing room. What happened next began a series of events which was to try the family's credulity and end up tearing them apart. Almost as soon as they put the bone on display there was a crash as a piece of the roof caved in, narrowly missing them. During the next few weeks the family’s nights were interrupted with the sounds of bumps, bangs and thuds. A young cousin met a ghostly woman dressed in strange clothes floating about. Chairs were thrown, and the glass case housing the bone was mysteriously broken. With the house in crisis, Sir Alexander decided to take action by locking the drawing room door and setting up watch.
Quite the yarn, eh? It gets better, trust me... Oh, and a scanned image of an article about this episode from 1937 may be found here. An excerpt from Sir Alexander's unpublished memoirs recounting the fateful Egyptian trip is here.


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